About us


What we are

UNA is a European based ArmA3 clan with members from over 13 different nationalities.
UNA plays multiple game modes, COOP, A&S, CTF, Warfare, Wasteland and KoTH etc., and even joins larger events where multiple clans are involved.
Part of our core structure is to play in a professional cooperative style, and to use a realistic military approach in our official COOP games.
UNA consists of 4 squads, 2 infantry squads, 1 armoured company and 1 air squadron.
As a clan, we pick and choose what mods we would like to play as and when we like, with suggestions welcome from every member, however we try to keep the mod sizes to a minimum.
UNA has a clan meeting every Friday 21:00 UK time and after the meeting a COOP or PVP session is held where members will play with or against fellow members to hone your skills.
The meeting or training is not mandatory but is required to be promoted.

Who we are

- All UNA members are at least 18 years old and most of us are between 25 and 45, many of us have wives and children
- UNA members are dedicated team-players, and whether it is a coop or PvP game, team-play is our way to success
- UNA members enjoy military simulation style which is self-evident in larger organized maps and training. In the week evenings the games might be more casual. Having fun and a good experience is most important for us.
- Some UNA members plays actively several times a week, some of us play only a few times a month. We don't have any mandatory games so how much you play is up to you.

History of UNA

Founded in 2004, UNA has a long history as a gaming community. Today UNA consists of over 30 members from over 13 different nationalities, all brought together by a desire to experience team play and to be a part of a tight knit community of like-minded people. UNA upholds a serious and realistic attitude towards gameplay but without forgetting to have fun at the same time.

Many of the members put a great amount of time and effort into maintaining and developing UNA for example by organizing events/games, creating missions and recruiting new members. With the efforts of our members unique and memorable gaming experiences are possible. UNA is always open to dedicated individuals who are interested to join our community. If you are at least 18 years old and would like to be part of us read more here.


UNA Arma Endurance Test

Late last year, UNA hosted our first Arma Endurance Test, lasting an awesome 12 hours of intense Jungle, Vietnam based warfare with over 40 players, and 4 clans With public players welcome to join a squad. We hope to do many more missions like this. We are currently in the planning stages of our second event, so if you’d like more info, contact UNA PR team or go to the Arma Endurance Test Website

Arma Endurance Test

Our Servers

All our servers

We are running our own servers, that ALL members have access to.

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