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What we are

UNA is a European based ArmA3 clan with members from over 13 different nationalities.
UNA plays multiple game modes, COOP, A&S, CTF, Warfare, Wasteland and KoTH etc., and even joins larger events where multiple clans are involved.
Part of our core structure is to play in a professional cooperative style, and to use a realistic military approach in our official COOP games.
UNA consists of 4 squads, 2 infantry squads, 1 armoured company and 1 air squadron.
As a clan, we pick and choose what mods we would like to play as and when we like, with suggestions welcome from every member, however we try to keep the mod sizes to a minimum.
UNA has a clan meeting every Friday 21:00 UK time and after the meeting a COOP or PVP session is held where members will play with or against fellow members to hone your skills.
The meeting or training is not mandatory but is required to be promoted.

Who we are

- All UNA members are at least 18 years old and most of us are between 25 and 45, many of us have wives and children
- UNA members are dedicated team-players, and whether it is a coop or PvP game, team-play is our way to success
- UNA members enjoy military simulation style which is self-evident in larger organized maps and training. In the week evenings the games might be more casual. Having fun and a good experience is most important for us.
- Some UNA members plays actively several times a week, some of us play only a few times a month. We don't have any mandatory games so how much you play is up to you.

History of UNA

Operation Flashpoint years.

The U.N.A. comes from a long history of gaming clans. The idea of which was created by a man known as General “Crow” and his loyal Corporal “Luke”.
The two of them were both ex-members of a clan called ICM (Intel Combat Marines).
Where ever they are today we salute them and wish them all the best.

th July 2004, Crow and Luke formed the clan under the name of United Nations Academy. The idea was to reflect the international membership and the
main values of the clan, to teach and train players in a more military gameplay style, to think and act as one unit. Crow and Luke spent hundreds of hours
setting up the first webpage, rented a dedicated server and over time watched the U.N.A. become larger and larger. As the
clan grew in size, Crow and
Luke created new custom tests, training maps, and military style exercises to push the members abilities. A
ranking system was incorporated within the
clan to help run it in a military style.

The U.N.A. participated in several Clan wars and also in many amazing games during the next couple of years of Operation Flashpoint.

The first major game event of the clan came on 1
5th August 2004 where the clan held a 42-hour endurance test (a mission where you only have 1 life).
Followed shortly after on the
14th November 2004 by the Winter 48-hour endurnace test.
During the latter part of
2006 Armed Assault was released and on the 30/11/06 U.N.A. officially
moved over to it. During the coming months there was some disruption to the clan, which saw
Crow and Bad Cop amongst others leave the clan
. New members came while others left the clan
over the course of time. Such issues are always a problem for any online clan but it hurts most when
we lose a highly decorated companion, a founding member or a positive contributor. We don't look
back though. Instead we look towards the future, which is better than hunting after a dream about
the good old times. Brotherhood means to learn from past experiences, to be open for innovation,
live in tolerance and show willingness for discussion and compromise in terms of our Clan rules.
The remaining members gathered and regrouped under the
new leadership of Luke. The clan
continued to grow and recover the loss of the past members.
30th January 2009 was the date of the 12-hour Endurance Test a shortened version of the 42
and 48 hour events a few years earlier. This was designed by member Walker and was set on the
Winter Kolguchev map. The mission was set to: when you die, you goto bed! Not all members
survived to 9am the next morning, but even though clan leader Luke was shot in friendly fire
incident all members enjoyed the event.
26/06/09 Bohemia International Studios released ArmA 2. U.N.A. followed and switched to
the latest and modern military simulator, with a new rented dedicated clan server, just 1 month after
the official release.
Member Zoggy hosted at his house, the
real life meeting of the clan to celebrate its 5th
Anniversary. Many members were able to attend and various convoys across Europe made their
way to Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England. Following a few drinks and much of Zoggy's famous
Lasanga the clan return to their homes well fed and well drunk!
On the
29/06/10 Bohemia International Studios released the stand alone add-on ArmA2
Operation Arrowhead
and on the same day we updated our server with the new add-on. Not long
after on the 26/03/2010 B.I.S. offered a downloadable version of their
new add-on British Armed
forces which we also purchased.
February 2nd – April 20th, 2010 for the first time the clan took part in the pretty new large game
multiplayer campagin
ArmA Tactical Combat what was created and hosted by BDR. This was
their 2
nd Campaign. The clan loved it from the start and found that it was exactly what we had
trained for, over the years. The campaign was set to 50 vs 50 players on a full map in the Military
style. Because it was our first time in the event, the fact that our side won what was very pleasing.
The campaign was set on the region of Chernarus and even though the mission was very buggy
when it worked it was worth it (
Shortly after this, on the 3
0/11/2010, B.I.S. released an add-on called Private Military Company
that was also purchased and added to the clan servers to offer even more new features and gameplay
for all U.N.A. members.
December 8th, 2010 – March 9th, 2011 BDR held the ATC3 event on Takistan and the clan
again participated. This was a shorter campaign than normal due to the enemy side collapsing
following an overwhelming series of victories on the U.N.A. side. Whilst a shame for the runners
up, it was a shining example of the clans dedication to playing Arma2 in the correct military style
and training for each battle every week of the event. The U.N.A. clan whilst not the only clan on the
winning side was the most dominant and most numerous in terms of members. (
A year later on
December 8th, 2011 – May 9th, 2012 BDR held the next campaign ATC4. This
time back on Chernarus and with a much improved though not perfect map script. U.N.A. helped
again to lead the winning side to victory. (
Just before the upcoming new version or Arma3 the clan participated in the last ATC event to he
held in Arma2. December 5th, 2012 – March 6th, 2013 saw the 5
th interation of the ATC campaign
ATC5 and again U.N.A. led from the front and helped yet another Victory. This time new members
were given some great examples of military command from a real-life combat officer and shown
that military gaming in a serious style can be fun too! (
http://www.arma-tactical-combat.com/atc5/ )
On the
5th March 2013 Bohemia Interactive released the Alpha-Version of ArmA 3 over Steam
which most of the members had downloaded straight away. With the update to beta status the new
game had already hooked the clan and now members could not wait for the
final version that BIS
released on the 12
th September 2013. At the time, most of the members didn't realy like Steam, but
they learned how to use it better and after a wile and some patches, the clan started to love steam!
Yet again at the
10th Anniversary of the clan, on the 22nd August 2014, Zoggy volunteered his
home to host the celebration. More Lasagna, more beer and even a pub crawl helped the members
have a very memorable time.
With Arma3 well established in the community BDR held its first event in the Arma3 era.
was held on the 12th July, 2015 – October 18th, 2015
. The clan was no longer the most numerous
clan to participate on one side and with many more clans wanting to participate the limits of
members being able to participate in this popular even started to get to streching point (the clan was
limited to certain numbers in attendance). Plus with less of an influence over the command of their
side the clan found this tournament more difficult. The battles were much more well balanced and
the overall campaign was very closely matched. With good fortune and skill U.N.A. came out on
top again and
our 5th ATC victory medal was secured


UNA Arma Endurance Test

Late last year, UNA hosted our first Arma Endurance Test, lasting an awesome 12 hours of intense Jungle, Vietnam based warfare with over 40 players, and 4 clans With public players welcome to join a squad. We hope to do many more missions like this. We are currently in the planning stages of our second event, so if you’d like more info, contact UNA PR team or go to the Arma Endurance Test Website

Arma Endurance Test

Our Servers

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We are running our own servers, that ALL members have access to.

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